Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Daytime Makeup to NIghtime Makeup

So you did a simple everyday makeup look and now you have dinner plans. How on earth are you going to take this basic look and glam it up for a night out?

Actually really easily... I am going to use my today's makeup look as the base which you can find here, it was a simple one tone eyeshadow look and a tinted lip balm. Nothing huge but I've set the ground work for a great nighttime look.

Start with a simple black line. Nothing brings out evening like black liner, and if you are a pro you can even add a little flick and go retro with it. If your not a pro, no worries, do a messy black line along your lash lines and then either take your finger or a smudge brush and smudge it up. Don't forget to refresh/darken your mascara here too!

Next let's highlight baby! For evening because there is less light I usually like to use a more shimmery highlighter so it really catches the light. Highlight where you would normally for your face and then onto the last step.

Lips! Lips! LIPS! Nothing brings a makeup look into the evening then a darker or bolder lip colour. For this makeup look I was wearing a red tinted lip balm so I decided to keep with the red and just do a dramatic red lip. I could've also gone with a paler lip or a nude and still had the same evening look. I just was feeling the red. So it isn't about the colour but the contrast. Is your lip colour contrasting/complementing your makeup look in a bolder way than it did during the day? If yes then your good to go!

So there you have it. Daytime to nighttime in 10min or less :D

Okay... so I did add some more blusher and a little concealer but really those 3 steps above are the key steps to bring a look to evening. I decided to go with the smudged liner because you can see what a flicked liner looks like here. So go check that out if your not feeling the smokey look to the eyes. 

SO... I actually timed myself and it only took me 5min to do this which is fab if your in a hurry but still want to touch up your makeup before going out. 

Products Used Daytime
  • Under eye concealer by Almay
  • Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in Bold Gold
  • Sext Curve Mascara by Rimmel
  • Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer
  • Cover Girl Cheekers blush in classic pink
  • Fit Me Foundation and concealer by maybelline
  • Lise Watier eyebrow essentials in 618 blondes
  • Gosh Velvet touch eye primer
  • Maybelline baby lips in cherry me

Products Used Nighttime

  • Revlon colourstay liquid lipstick in top tomato
  • Revlon colourstay lip liner in red
  • misc creamy black eye liner
  • Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in too cool (highlighting)

These are from this morning's look as well as just now. I split them up into daytime and night time so you could get the idea of how little I had to do to get the nighttime look.

Hope you liked this post!

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