Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Can yellow eyeshadow be natural?

Do we have yellow undertones in our skin? Heck yes, which means yellow can be very natural and pretty . What about bright yellow? Well we will see now won't we!

Today's inspiration comes from a new discovery of how to apply bright shadows specifically ones that we can find in our natural skin tones like yellow. I've found even though the shadow is well pigmented and bright I still get very minimal colour. So I decided to play with different bases to see if one produced a better result than another.

  1. First up my nice new eyelid primer 
  2. Next up was the white eyeshadow (another one of my amazing colour tattoo maybelline eyeshadows)
  3. my white eyeliner (holding out very little hope for it I might add!) 

So before you scroll down and see the results... watch them in this video I made!!

  1. Needless to say I was disappointed. Yellow was a colour I specially bought this primer for and it let me down big time!
  2. This did a better job, but the slight shimmer worked against the yellow. Overall though this would be passable, and would be a nice way to add shimmer to my nice matte yellow. Though I kinda want it to stay matte soooo....
  3. *jaw hits floor* YES! YES! YES! Not only did this work but it brought forth this new concept of lining my eyes with bright yellow, and precise yellow colour placement. Well now that I achieved the yellow I've been dreaming of it was time to start thinking of how I wanted to present this gorgeous colour.

Drum beat please! *listens to pretend drum beat*


Not your typical yellow palette right? Yellow and brown are very complimenting, and with all the neutral colours the wonderful yellow really will be the main event!

So did I pull it off?

Ooopps my bangs are in the way... Sorry.

Look at that yellow pop! My eyes look so golden with all those yellow and sandy browns. I used that gorgeous teal colour for the liner, but that is completely optional. I think next time I might even skip that as well. Also when using that great tip I talked about in my above video be very exact with the yellow placement I found it was hard to get the darker brown to show on my outer corner over the yellow. On the flip side that could just of been the browns I was using because that light sandy colour on my inner corners did just fine against the yellow.

So what do you think? Is it natural or still to neon for you? Let me know!

*speaking of comments I fixed it so anyone can leave a comment even if your not a google+ member or bloglovin member.

I really enjoyed making the video, and I am hoping to make more in the future. Though doing that will take a little bit of set up so stay surfin I am not too sure when the next video will make an appearance.

If your interested I used my hair straightener to crimp my hair, inspired by a fellow blogger who just recently made her first youtube video as well. Here is a link to that very video beachy waves with frizzy hair .

*Inspiration hits* I know I am missing something from this blog! The make-up brush I spoke of in my video. I am being lazy and don't want to run all the way upstairs and take a picture, upload it to the computer, and then put it here so I think my next video theme will be my pathetic but cheap make-up brush collection! That way you guys have a better idea of the tools I am working with!

Tomorrow's make-up is all about making those thick luxurious brows appear feminine and girly! There is a way to rock the boyish androgynous brows without looking like an actual boy! Here I talked about how this style of brow is going to be an upcoming spring make-up trend. So stay surfin and I will show you how to make this trend your own!

Remember to take your "me" time women! You deserve it!!


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