Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Teal Cateye Liner... Meow!

I've been kinda been obsessed with the concept of changing your eye shape with your liner shape... How you wing out your liner or how far you bring into your inner corner can drastically change your eyes shape.

One of this springs makeup trends happens to be bold colour liner. Which is probably where this insane interest came from for me. I have been seeing the coolest shaped lining of eyes I've ever encountered before, and not only only was the liner shape amazing the models eyes were striking.

So I wanted to try changing the shape of my eyes with liner. I didn't do anything crazy, because I didn't want to overwhelm this post. I kept my liner design fairly simple and blended but did try to change the shape of my eye with it. (maybe a drastic liner look is in the near future... hmm who knows!)

My eyes are down turned which doesn't mean much makeup wise but I find that a sexy cat eye is a little harder to achieve because of this. So that was the eye shape change I was going for I wanted to raise the outer corner and lower my inner corner to give that sexy cat shape effect.

Bold Lipstick Makeup Look
 can you see the difference in eye shape?
I was a little bit dramatic with how much I lowered and raised, because I really wanted you guys to be able to see a drastic difference in my eye shape. Essentially I smoked out the rest of the colour so I decided to do a pale pink lip, because thats my favourite way to do a smokey eye. Though instead of just bronzing my checks I added a peachy warm glow to contrast the cool tones on my eyes and lips.

I really feel that bringing down the liner in my inner corners made this look. I normally don't like winged liner on me at all, but I am in love with how sexy my eyes look right now. Which is a total first with winged liner. I can't wait to try different liner experiments creating
different shapes.

Here is a quick reference picture of different eye shapes, so you have a clearer idea of what I was talking about.

Im hoping to do a series on different eye shapes and ways to enhance your shape or how to change it. I think that will be a really fun idea... so stay tuned for that not sure when it is going to pop up!

Tomorrow's makeup is mostly likely going to be a punky pin-up look. I have this great violet lipstick I just have to try, but I don't want to go to over board on my eyes so I decided to go with a sexy black pin-up liner. It is going to be an edgy look but still a very wearable way to do a funky coloured lip :D


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