Monday, 23 January 2012

Barbie Inspired Makeup

Bright lips look #2 --> click here for look #1

Yesterday's look was about making these lip colours a little bit more everyday and wearable. Today is all about having fun and just working it out, and what is more fun than barbie? She is glittery, bright, colourful, and over the top! So this look is all about really bright colours, sparkles everywhere, cheesy colour combos, and artificially perfect skin! Well barbie isn't perfect but she is made of plastic so plastic looking skin here we come!

I had so much fun planning this look! I hope it shows. Here's my final result.

Before I show off the full look I wanted to talk some details! Now I know I could of been really simple and just slapped pink mono tone eyeshadow on my lid and that would've been good enough. I wasn't going for good enough though. I wanted to have makeup that was like barbie's but also something I would want to recreate again. I hunted high and low for a picture of barbie with makeup I liked and I found one (will post below) She didn't have just pink eyeshadow she had light pink on her lid, brown to create a crease (barbie has a monolid who knew!) and then above her crease she had hot pink to emphasize that crease. For liner unlike black it was actually brown and barely there. It was really just used to make her lashes look fuller. (lashes... umm well not really but you get the idea) I used sparkly white for my highlighter and bam! Curl and mascara, the look was done. This look was alot of fun and I could totally see myself wearing it again! 

So how'd I do? Am I a barbie doll? I was going to say there is no way you could wear this makeup look out and about because of how bright the eyes and lips are. I think I was wrong to make that kind of assumption. Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Katey Perry do it all the time! So if your style is bold go  for it!

When I was doing up my foundation I as really careful to do a nice full coverage and exact contouring. Barbie is a doll after all, so I made the contouring and highlighting really bold and unrealistic looking. If I were to wear this look again I might not be so exact. I like my freckles and a softer checkbone. (chubby checks are soo cute!) Other than that though I don't think I would change a thing!

I really want to try this look with blue on my eyes to see how a contrasting colour would look! That will be an even bolder look!

Barbie was a great inspiration, and I couldn't be happier with this look! Stay tuned for tomorrow.... Im feeling some love for TEAL. Wonder what I will create with that colour. :D


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