Monday, 16 January 2012

Flaunt those tail feathers... Well lashes actually :P

How to chase away the mondays? Bright colours of course! At first my eye kept drifting to all these wonderful teal looks, teal liner, teal just in the crease, or maybe a colour pop of teal on the bottom lash line? I was all about teal until...
I saw this gorgeous picture of greens,yellows, and yes some teal. Dare I try it? Would peacock inspired make-up chase away my case of the mondays? 
*without even missing a beat* Yes, yes it would! 

So after deciding that I had to do peacock eyeshadow I decided to hunt down some references! After searching for a whole couple seconds I found some great pictures! 

It was better then I had originally thought! So let's break it down purple, navy, blue, olive green, neon green, and yellow (or gold maybe *raises eyebrow*) wowwwwyyy this is gunna be complex :D and fun.

Here is what I came up with...

Isn't it stunning? I am in love with this look!

So what on earth did I do? Here is a quick (very quick) step by step. Hope it is enough detail for you to get the general idea.

  1. Blue/Green all over just my lids (oh yes before I started I used my eye shadow primer)
  2. Neon green/yellow from just before inner corners to middle of my lid, blend with base colour.
  3. Purple in the crease as well as a little above the crease blend out onto brow bone softly.
  4. Bright Bright blue on inner corner and taken up and into the purple as while as along the lower lash line.
  5. Take a dark navy and define the outer V shape lightly take your purple eyeshadow and blend it into the other colours soften the edges slightly. 
  6. Line eyes thinly with gold winging out slightly to frame and define the shape of the eyeshadow.
  7. Line your waterline with white.
  8. Curl lashes and put on mascara of your choice.
  9. Define brows (I liked a darker brow with this look maybe a shade or too darker then ur natural hair colour)
  10. Bright pink blush on apples of the cheeks and swooped up and around eyes. 
  11. Choose your nude lip colour, and your all done!
Okay that looks like alot of steps but really it took no time at all, I promise!

I hope the pictures were better today, I actually asked my dear hubby for help this time and he manage a pretty good job! So I think I will do that from now on. Stay tuned/browsin (what term would you use for waiting on a blog?) stay surfin (maybe) for tomorrow I have found a great way to get yellow to stay bright and florescent so now I need to do a make-up look with yellow... not sure how but it will be fun! Can't wait to share this neat trick for yellow with you all!

Remember take your "me" time mama because you still deserve it!



  1. Stunning! Love peacock feathers and love that they were your inspiration!

  2. Thanks so much :) I am soo glad it turned out, I was a little worried about it because it was my first make-up look not inspired by another make-up look. Hope you check out tomorrow's look!