Friday, 27 January 2012

LOTD Jessica Alba Inspired Make Up

Who doesn't like a good celeb inspired make-up. They always have the best of the best working on these looks it'd be insulting to NOT to try and imitate it. I was just browsing through google at general make-up pictures and ran across this stunning picture of jessica alba. Browns, and golds everywhere. Jessica's trade-mark sun kissed skin *muah!* masterpiece. I just had to try it, but adapt it for us that are a little paler then the beautiful Jessica. So here is my warm bronzy neutral smokey make-up look adapted to a lighter skin tone.

Gorgeous right? This look really is perfect for every skin tone, skin type, hair colour, and eye colour. Anyone can wear it and look drop dead gorgeous! This is a classic go to style of make-up that I fall back on all the time. Natural, sultry, sexy, and really easy.

Products Used

  • Under eye concealer by Almay
  • Various colours from a large Wal-mart brand gift palette 
  • Sext Curve Mascara by Rimmel
  • Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer
  • Summer Eclipse bronzer in moonlight
  • Fit Me Foundation and concealer by maybelline

The plan is later today, when my husband is home to rodeo children I will be filming my first make-up video tutorial. I wanted to start off with a look anyone could wear, and any one could apply. I am not sure when This video will actually hit youtube but stay tuned for it, because it should be on it's way eventually :)

Thanks for all the support and love. I hope to continue to grow my experience and bring you even better quality video's and make-up looks in the near future!

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