Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lycra Lash Extender Mascara Review

Q: Did this mascara curl my lashes?                             
A: Yes it did.

Q: Did it hold the curl?                                           
A: No not really.

For a quick one step mascara I have to say this mascara did not pass. It did add extra curl to my already curled lashes and had a pretty nice finish though. Not too much in the flakey department and lasted all day. My curl though did not last as long as the mascara. After recurling my lashes 3 times I decided they were destined to fall flat forever.

The lengthening of this mascara was very noticeable and beautiful. I felt like my already long lashes went on forever! If you keep applying coat after coat it did get a little clumpy, but those first couple coats went on very smooth. The eyelash wand was pretty easy to use and felt really stock to me. Nothing special but nothing bad either.

Overall this was a decent mascara. If you don't have issue with curling your lashes then you will probably love this mascara, because it does curl a little bit without an eyelash curler and your lashes will get an extreme length boost.

Will I buy it again though?  No, I think I am going to continue to hunt for a mascara that can actually hold a curl in my lashes. I will continue to use it if I need a length boost though, because it did this part of it's job extremely well!

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