Wednesday, 29 February 2012

You are a Natural Beauty Mama!

Today I put on this peachy pink peasant top looked and the mirror and had a "wow pregnant glow finally arrived" moment so I decided to let my glow shine and just went for a blush, mascara, and lip gloss make-up look today. No concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, nothing! Just the bare necessities. I think every women regardless of pregnant glow or not should do this. Take the time to properly appreciate how Beautiful you are without makeup on! You have stunning features without contouring them, your eye colour pops without that eye shadow, and your lips have your most perfect shade of lip colour built right in to them!

Pick a day in the near future and wear as little make-up as possible, enjoy the beauty your were born with!

Now I say as little as possible, because even on your best skin day you'll still have something that bothers you. Here is what I used and why for today's let your own beauty shine look. Now my checks were rosy and beautiful but a little splotchy in the rosy distribution so I went to my trusty blush that matches my natural flush (rhyme much lol) and just filled in the blotchy spots. I didn't cover my whole checks, or use the colour to add colour to my checks I just made it appear a little more uniform. For some reason when my checks are naturally flush right on the apple of my check it has a white patch with flush all around it so I just filled that in essentially. I have long straight lashes that are very light and in contrast to my dark hair you don't really notice them without mascara. So I did a quick curl and one coat (I wish I had brown mascara but I don't so black will have to do for today) just to help them do the job of framing my eyes a little bit better. My lips I used a quick moisturizing balm and that was it. That's all I did.

Personalize this to you though, if you have a really red nose then use a little concealer until you feel comfortable. If you have a pimple cover it. If your lip colour is lacking colour then use a tinted lip balm.

Try to keep it to 3 though! Pick 3 helper make-up items and that's it or you will end up using everything without even realizing it.

Embrace your natural features and stay beautiful!

Lots of Love

Friday, 24 February 2012

LOTD - Purple Extreme Cat Eye

Today I am just going to let this look speak for itself. Simple, bold and purple! Whats not to love :D


  • Wet n Wild palette
  • Rimmel Palette
  • Aveeno tinted moisturizer
  • Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer
  • Maybelline Fit Me Blush 
  • Falsies Mascara
  • Bonnebelle eyeliner in plum

This look of the day was super fun and didn't take long, but it is a little fierce for me on an everyday basis. Think this look might be stored away for a concert or night out with the girls. Still lots of fun though!

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

American Eagle Shoe Love

As I was window shopping the internet I discovered a vast amount of shoes on American Eagle's website that just screamed my name... So today's post is showering some love on a great clothing store's great take on spring shoes this 2012!

Aaahhh... so many great trends in one place! Let me know if you have been doing some online window shopping, and where!

Check out my Pinterest Board My Style for the direct links to these great shoes!

Lots of Love

Bold Liner + Neutral Colours = Everyday Sophistication

When I say neutral I don't mean black! I went for this really nice taupe liner today. I wanted something simple and quick that had a real natural feel to it. I've been finding with the spring trend of bold coloured liner we have been losing out on a fabulous liner look. I wanted bold with no drama. Shape without fierce lines. Something that when there was a small mistake it wouldn't matter. Now how do I get a look with so many contrasts?

One of the best rules out there!





How often do we get lost in our love of colour? I still wanted a bold liner look but I love how natural and everyday this make-up still looks :D It is my doctor trip make-up today what did you do while sporting this bold natural look?


  • Aveeno tinted moisturizer for fair to light
  • maybelline fit me powder foundation
  • taupe liner from annabelle
  • cream/brown from wal-mart palette
  • Cover Girl cheekers blush in Classic Pink 
  • Cover Girl blast flipstick in stunner

So glad I could get a make-up look out into the blogging world today!!!

Lots of Love

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Manni Monday

Hey all, here is this weeks addition to manni monday :D

I decided to do a twisted french manni for this weeks addition! I love how you can punch up a french with coloured tips! Super fun. I love this green colour it is Jade Jump by sally Hansen. The base and top coat are both by essie, the bottom coat is an all in one base and the top is no chips ahead.

Below is my failed attempt. I wanted a light pink base to this french but the only light pink I have is from joe brand and though normally I like joe this one colour totally disappointed me... so needless to say I redid my nails with just a clear base and the green tips.


 Loved this manni and can't wait to do it again with different colours for the tips!

Lots of Love!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Fashionable Mama Friday

As most of my regular readers will know. I am almost 7 months pregnant, and I have a beef with all those poor mamas out there that stop being their little fashionable selfs because of a change in silhouette. Just because you shape has changed does not mean you can't still follow trends, wear hot shoes, and strut your stuff! So these posts are dedicated to you Chic Mama's out there! Let's talk about how to stay sexy well your doing some of the most beautiful work in your life. Growing a baby.

Let's start the first week off with a laugh check out this great video -->

Isn't that great? HA HA HA... loves it! Anyways on to the outfit today!


I am rocking a top and belt from Wal-Mart. (that plaid tunic top is a fav find of my non-mat clothes that can be worn over a baby belly) The necklace is from Suzy Shier which I love. Bows, diamonds and pearls all together equals perfection! Jeans are a pair of straight leg mat pants from old navy.

Brown Little ankle booties from Jessica Simpson and a gorgeous Persian hat that my mom brought back for me from a paris trip! Love that added pow of colour :D

Hope this begins to convince you that being pregnant does not mean living in moo moos or in your husbands old t-shirts. Pregnancy is sexy and don't you forget to flaunt those curves!

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Finger Painting with Make-Up

Sometimes using brushes, and/or cleaning brushes is just too much work! So why not use some of the best tools out there for applying make-up?

What is this amazing tool you ask? Your FINGERS!

We enjoyed making art with our fingers when we were young why not rekindle this love of finger painting when applying your make-up?

When I am being quick and using my fingers I prefer cream products. I just find that the thicker texture is easier to blend with when your using your fingers. Now I do sometimes play with powders but if your using a darker colour you might find it harder to get the colour where you want it, and everywhere you don't want it.

I usually have a wipe (make-up or baby) somewhere handy so as I go I can clean my fingers off quickly and reduce accidentally smearing colour all over my face.

After this look I think I might have to play with my fingers a little more often and see what else comes of this throw back to kindergarten make-up application.

Lots of Love

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I Admit Defeat! - Pregnancy Journal

SO... it is the day after v-day and I only managed to get two looks up x.x the third which was coming in video tutorial form is taking longer to edit than I had planned... so it will just be a random tutorial I upload down the road!

I have a make-up look for today which I plan on posting about asap! So keep an eye out for that! I will get back on track with my posts I promise! Today is also supposed to be high heeled hump day :( and I just haven't had anytime to find a shoe worth talking about. So unfortunately that post misses out this week too.

If your at all interested I am going to do random journal posts about my pregnancy... starting with now!

I am 1 day shy of 30 weeks so I am just gunna claim I am 30 weeks because saying 29 weeks and 6 days just feels weird! I feel so paranoid this pregnancy. Not about what I eat or anything like that, but about the baby's health and my health. I feel like anything could go wrong. I don't remember this sense of doom my last two pregnancies! Why? what am I so freaked out about? It will probably end up just like my last two, but for some reason I just feel nervous about this baby.

I feel like all my help will be far away and not be able to get to me in time. Which leaves me with my two little ones and the possibility of labor. I didn't think I'd be so anxious to end this pregnancy just so the going into labor part would happen! The gender doesn't matter, and yes I am excited about seeing my baby but I am not impatient to meet this little one... maybe because I am scared of being a mom of three kids? Probably! haha!

Maybe I just don't remember feeling this worried with my last two but I was? I don't know but I wish this sense of impending doom would just go away already!

Paranoid is not a fun state to be in... maybe this is just how I nest? EEeeww! I hope that's not true!!!

Thanks for reading my ramblings if you did :D

Lots of Love!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Anti-Valentine's day Make-Up

Valentine's day making you a little grouchy?

If your not feeling the love for this love holiday, then this look is for you! Oscar the grouch inspired green smokey eyeshadow. Really this look could be worn any time you feel like it but I thought the colours were a perfect contrast to all the pink and reds out there right now. Anti to me just screams opposite so that is what I went for :D

I loved this look and totally forgot how much I love green on my hazel eyes. I will have to use it more often! Thanks Oscar for refreshing my love of green! Also to play up the oscar theme I was going to do matte orange lips but whenever I put smokey eyes on me I find it so hard to resist the pale pink lip! x.x So if your thinking I missed out on the orangey brown of his eyebrows it was in the original plan! I swear lol

Lots of Love

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Spring 2012 Trends: Bright, Metallic, and Plastic? Eeww!

Trends are awesome! I love checking out the latest seasons trends and picking out the ones I love or the ones I'd leave.

These are a couple of the spring shoe trends that I either love or hate!

Bright Colours

I love this trend, and how bold the colours are this spring /summer season. Most of the colours will still be around come next fall so any bright shoe you invest in this spring will be just as "trendy" in fall. You can wear this shoe trend in so many ways. It can be a statement piece in an outfit, you can colour block right down to your toes, or you can add some flair to a little black dress. A bright shoe is an easy way to add colour to a neutral wardrobe and I think a must have in any shoe closet!

Metallic Toes/Studs/Shoes

This trend goes from minimal in a studded black pump to an extreme all over metallic silver pump. Both fabulous and daring but chic and elegant. When you think of metallic erase that image of a pierced face and rocker chick from your mind because silver and gold baby are worn by the upper class! This bold trend is a wonderful spring trade in for your classic black pump. Add a little bit of metallic on your feet and you just took that pencil skirt from staple wardrobe piece to fierce women walking! I definitely will be rocking this futuristic trend!

See Through Shoes

Okay first thought when I see plastic see-through shoes on the runway... Did I go back in time and to when I just turned 10? NO! Then why are we putting plastic shoes on our feet? Not only do I imagine these to be really uncomfortable and make your feet sweat like nobody's business, but they just look cheap. I have yet to see a shoe out of this trend box that as appealed to me in anyway. I just don't get it, and don't think I ever intend to try.

Hope you enjoyed this High Heeled Hump Day Trend Alert! Stay tuned for more because there are lots of shoe trends I haven't even touched on yet. :D

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Monday, 6 February 2012

Manni Monday Ocean Gradient

This was actually a screw up gone soo right I am going to do it again! I choose a too blue of a shade in my gradient and it didn't smoothly fit into the gradient, but with the foamy green colour and the deep blue colour I used by accident I think I pulled off an ocean gradient pretty dang well!

I am in love with this nail. So sparkly and multidimensional! I will defiantly be doing this nail again when I am in a blue kind of mood, wishing for summer and a nice beach. Though I still want to try for that original gradient I was aiming for. Though Im a little blue out so it'll have to wait for another blue mood :P

Hope you liked this addition of manni monday, check back next monday for more!


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Pink Valentine's Day Make-Up

Who doesn't love Valentine's Day? Okay most people. haha! Well even with the hate of the big V day I decided hate or love the day you still can look sexy or cute anyways!

Well I was looking up inspiration for this make-up look I think I got a little too inspired because I ended up with three different looks! Eeecckk!

Well today is the first look, an uber cutsey, uber pink! V-day make-up look!


Products Used

  • Under eye concealer by Almay
  • wet n wild cool as a cucumber eyeshadow trio (used the purple)
  • Bonnebelle quad in big city pinks
  • L'oreal hip duo shadow in brazen
  • Sext Curve Mascara by Rimmel
  • Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer
  • Fit Me Foundation and concealer by maybelline
  • Cover Girl Checkers blush in classic pink
  • Maybelline baby lips in pink punch

When I think pink usually I think cute and girly, so I kept this make-up really light and fresh. I was thinking of lining my lash lines with brown but instead I'd keep my eyes really soft and doll-like instead. To give a little definition I popped some purple above my crease between the highlighter. I liked that addition a lot it helped break up the matchy matchy make-up but was discreet enough you really have to look for it to notice it. 

Check back tomorrow for look number 2 in my v-day series! If this one isn't your style I am sure at least one of the looks will work! 

Lots of Love