Thursday, 6 June 2013

Maybelline Knows Mascara

Maybelline's Rocket for volume  
If you don't do much make-up or do a huge make-up look everyday I am confident in saying mascara is a staple! I am a pretty picky person when it comes to mascara because my eyelids are oily (so all the mascara's I use are waterproof fyi) and I have super straight lashes. That being said I find it hard to spend extra money on mascara because of it's 3 moth self life. So I am all about department store brands.

I have been trying every new formula to hit the selves this spring make-up season and I have been less then impressed. From covergirl to rimmel nothing has been doing much for me and my lashes! 

Maybelline's Cat Eye for definition and length
Except for one brand! Plushie last year and now rocket and cat eye this year... wow wow wow!

Everything worked perfectly and my lashes loved every coat of mascara. I was stunned and skeptical. Would this love keep going? Should I revisit old flops to remind myself why I was weary?


Everyone loves the falsies mascara... me not so much! It flaked and irritated my eyes really badly. I couldn't handle having it one my eyes at all and I tried so hard to like it too. BUT! this was before I discovered that my oily eyelids needed a waterproof formula to not fall out of their curl and jab me in the eye. So I went and bought me some falsies in blackest black WATERPROOF... 

Maybelline's Plushie for natural lashes
Have I said WOW?!??!?!? yet? because that is my reaction to this mascara. I am a fan and cannot recommend maybelline's mascaras enough! (at least the waterproof ones) They just know how to make a formula with staying power! 

Sorry other make-up brands but I think I am committed to these mascaras for life!

Now... I know some friends that do not share my love for maybelline's formulas at all... It dries out their lashes and irritates their eyes. So if you have dry eyes you might run into irritation. Avoiding waterproof formulas will help. Look for mascara's that are described of having a wetter formula will work better for you.
Maybelline's Falsies for volume and length

If you are having mascara woes leave me a comment or msg and I will do my best to send you to your dream mascara! I have gone through alot of mascara to find my perfect fits! So don't give up or settle your dream lashes are out there :D if not then buy some fake ones and work it out ;) haha

Lots of love