Saturday, 28 January 2012

Maybelline's Baby Lips

Peppermint Baby Lips by Maybelline
OH NO! My lip balm ran out and winter time is killing my lips. So off to the store I trotted to buy some more of my go too lip balm. As I was doing my normal scan of the beauty isles before grabing my lip balm and heading home I spotted "Baby Lips". I had been reading/hearing so much about this product and just so happened to be in need of some lip balm.

Dare I switch it up and try out this new product? Sure! What could I lose.

I decided to go for peppermint because I was looking for a replacement of my clear lip balm anyways, and who doesn't love minty fresh lips? I've only had this product for a day so long-term results pending (it is advertised to give you "baby soft lips" in 4 weeks) I love this product. It is so nice to apply, doesn't feel waxy or wet, and really does moisturize deep down into my lips. The clear colours are a great base to any lip colour. When I get my hands on some more of the colours (totally wishing I had just bought them back at the store grr) I will let you know what I think of them. This is just a quickie first impression of this product, but if it continues to stay this amazing and the colours are super cute I highly doubt my opinion will be anything but uber impressed!

So if you haven't picked up some "Baby Lips" yet I suggest you do and we can all have great youthful lips 4 weeks from now! ;)

See you then with my much more in-deth review of this great product!

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