Saturday, 21 January 2012

Natural Earthy-Toned Makeup

Bold Colour, Bold Lips, and Bold Liner... I think I need a break from all the bold makeup I've been doing. Though I would be nothing without my flair :P so I went natural but with a twist. Not natural as in a no-makeup look but natural as in earthy. Olive green tones and rosy browns. Let's channel some mother nature.

BUT WAIT... There's more!!

I decided to use gold as my primer. It isn't going to show vividly under these colours, but it will bring a nice warm shimmer to the overall makeup look. Seeing as metallic is a makeup trend this spring I wanted to find a everyday makeup look I could wear while utilizing this trend. I have done other looks with this metallic trend in mind but they were more of an evening look. Hopefully even with the gold this will still work as a grocery shopping look :P

Products Used

  • Fit for me foundation liquid, powder, and concealer by Maybelline 
  • Under eye concealer by Almay
  • Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in paradise --> featured in my long lasting competition!
  • Bold Gold colour in the colour tattoo 24hr shadow by Maybelline
  • Various colours from a large Wal-mart brand gift palette 
  • Mascara by Rimmel Lycra lash extender --> check out my rant about non-curl holding lashes!
  • Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer with SPF 15
  • Gosh velvet eye primer
  • dream mousse blush by Maybelline in pink frosting
  • Summer eclipse brozer in moonlight

Here is the completed look!

Well, there it is! What do you think? I really think this is a great simple and light everyday look. It really makes my hazel eyes pop! Though you could wear this on any eye colour. The browns would compliment blue eyes, the greens would bring out green eyes and brown eyes can almost wear anything lol.

Today I am hitting up a indoor play area with my kids and this makeup is perfect and light for a mommy outing! The gold was a perfect base to these colours and added just enough shimmer to make me feel like me but you can skip that step if your hoping for a more matte look.


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