Friday, 20 January 2012

Marilyn Munroe Make Up Look

What a women!
What Makeup!
How could I resist!

Thanks to the wonderful Lisa Eldridge's video I was inspired to do a Marilyn look! Today's makeup look was for the most part tailored after this video and her instructions. So instead of explaining my makeup step by step like usual. I am going to just suggest you go and watch her fabulous video! I just don't think I could explain it as well as her anyways!

Here are a couple snapshots of my completed look!

 So after my fun photo shoot I just had to show off this look even more.... So here is a video lol!!

This look is sooo much fun to wear I feel so sexy! If I were to go throw on some sweats I don't think even that would deter my sexiness right now lol!

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For tomorrow's make-up look Im still not sure what I want to do yet. I think I might need a bit of natural in my life! So stay tuned for a soft subtle makeup look tomorrow!


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  1. nice look.& beautiful necklace :)