Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Being A Beautiful Mommy

Hey chic mamas!

Now let me start this off by telling you that you can set aside time for beauty, and you totally deserve too! Especially if your beauty routine was something you really loved before becoming a mom.

I have two small children whom I love to pieces my son Samuel who is three and my daughter Elliotte who is one. So I understand how hard the task of doing your make-up and hair can be. Actually it is probably closer to impossible most of the time.


There are tricks and tips that make it slightly more possible, and they are slightly more in depth then "just make hubby watch them!"

*shakes head at that ridiculous statement*

Even with dear hubby watching them they still want to know what mommy is doing, why, and if they can do it too. Which brings me to...

Trick #1

Gather together old make-up brushes, or the sponge brushes if you don't use those, and create a "play" make- up set. So they can copy you and not steal your tools because they have their own. Though now that my son is three this isn't a viable option anymore... at least says my husband and own mother. So what else can I do, if the children are boys or if they get bored of copying mommy.

Trick #2

We are still in the domain of toys for this trick as well. Pick a couple special very flashy toys and set them aside. These toys will be the "you only get to play with these until mommy is done her make-up toys" which they don't get to see during any other time.of the day. Essentially your distracting with shinny things. :D

Trick #3

Now I know bath time is almost always before bed, and that switching that up just seems like insanity. Hear me out though. You shower in the morning because it feels good and relaxes you so why wouldn't bath time in the morning be just as nice for our kids? I throw my kidlets in the tub and start on my make-up routine. Usually I get through at least my make-up before they want out, but sometimes I'll be done before them! Obviously this trick works best when there is an older sibling, or the child is a little older.

Trick #4

This is my least favourite trick, but it probably the best one out there. Shower before bed, and then the next morning wake up before your children wake up. Keep your bathroom door firmly shut if children's rooms are close by and most of the time they won't even notice you in there until your ready for them to notice. *sorry hubby breakfast suddenly rests on your shoulders*

Trick #5

My last resort. All other methods have failed! What is a chic mama to do? Wait until nap time, or a time in which your kids will let you. You might feel a little yucky for a good chunk on the day but, it is like waiting for a treat. The thought that it is coming helps me get through my chores everytime. Sometimes I don't get to do anything in my beauty routine until at least one in the afternoon! Notice the "at least" there too. Though when I finally get to it, I feel fabulous, pampered, and like the chic women I am.

Why does my world change so much when I become a mom? Truth is it doesn't have too! There is always a way to fit your kids into your life regardless of the budget ;) f.y.i. Be patient, prioritize what things you just don't want to give up, and follow through with it no matter how tired or daunting doing that feels. Having a life where you feel like you are YOU that just happens to be a mom is very much worth the work!!

Take your "me" time mama! You deserve it!


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  1. i have coasters that have that photo on them.. the best!