Monday, 16 January 2012

Girly Boyish brows huh?

Trend Alert

Spring is on the way and for those of us who had no time to watch all those catwalk shows in the fall the spring trends are starting to emerge. Now there are always the typical trends, bright colours, whites and creams, and either lots of patterns or colour blocking. (this year its about colour blocking) I am going to talk about the more interesting trends that I encounter. The newest one to hit up my ears is bold boyish brows.

Now I'm not talking unibrow! So no alarm bells please. This look is actually very simple... you know that beautiful arch that you plucked, poked, and pained over. Stop it! You don't have to this spring. When trying to achieve a boyish eyebrow your trying to straighten your brows slightly. A great reference for this look is on the wonderful Lisa Eldridge page. She takes this trend a step further and makes everything about the make-up very androgynous. Im not crazy about that boldness but the brows I am feeling.

This look in a more wearable way would very matte foundation, glossy/natural eyes, and a very pretty natural pink lip with a little shimmer or shine. I would also pump up the lashes because nothing says I am a girl better then fluttery long lashes. Oh! Make sure you contour and bring life to your wonderful bone structure! Your eyebrows are your frame so if you change the frame you need to make sure you bring out those features with other means.

I will try to do a future make-up look with this trend as inspiration so you can have some visuals. I have posted a few pictures on my make-up board on Pinterest so go check it out there for the mean time. Make sure you have fun with this unique trend hitting faces spring of 2012!


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