Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Skin Routine and How it Changes during Pregnancy

So many things happen to you when your pregnant...

Problem is not enough people talk about them. Especially I find anyways the ones to do with the beauty routine. The non-gross parts lol! Lots of people talk about all these crazy weird things that happen but no one talks about the perks or just the changes that happen to your skin and hair.

So I'm going to talk about what my skin care routine was before pregnancy and what it is now. This a general guideline of things to look out for that change. How they change is up to your body and can vary even form pregnancy to pregnancy.  Hopefully I address some of the things that you noticed change but didn't realize it was because of pregnancy, as well as give you pointers on how to just take care of your skin at anytime.

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I have to emphasize! Don't look up pregnant skin look up whatever your skin is doing, because if you look up pregnant skin alot of the time you'll just find other pregnant women freaking out over skin changes rather then solutions. 

Skin changes so change with it :) 


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