Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Androgynous Bold Eyebrows, Sexy Girly Makeup

Hey Mamas,

I feel like I need hit up the town right now. My make-up turned out so much more dazzling that I ever expected it too! I knew a strong brow was gorgeous but I thought taking out the arch would make any makeup I do look harsh or drag queenish, but well you just need to see for your self!
Really feminine and beautiful!
One eye brow done! 
Both eyebrows done!

The colours I used on my eyes.

Eye Shadow

Sorry, the lighting is terrible! I took these pictures myself in my bathroom using my mirror :P The Bonnebelle palette and maybelline colour tattoo in pomegranate punk were the colours I used. Here is a rough explanation of the application. I used the colour tattoo as my base but kept the bulk of the colour towards the middle of my lid and in the crease. Using the darker pink I coloured half my lid from inner corner to middle, then I used the lighter pink for a quick highlighter of RIGHT in my inner corner. I did up my outer V with the light grey colour, and then emphasized my crease (or in my case above my crease because I have deeper set eyes) with the darker shade of grey. I did a quick sweep of the lighter grey under my eye and then lined my water line with my trusty white liner, curled and mascaraed. Finished!


Cheeks and Lips

I am really into this blush colour I have from Cover Girl in classic pink it amazes me every time I use it. So because I was going for uber girly with manly brows I figured very flushed almost childish checks was the way to go, and I loved it. Or I just love this blush... either way it worked. Lips were a little harder for me to work out. I wanted a brighter matte pink, but my choices aren't that broad so I improvised. I started out with rose sorbet from Rimmel then added a colour rich lip gloss from L'oreal in baby blossom (love this colour soooo much) and then finally to set the colour and matte it up I used a tissue and gently tapped my much loved blush over  the tissue. My lips fight colour like no bodies buisness so you can't really see all the work I did, but it's there I promise! One day I will have a lip primer and you will get to see the wonderful lip colours I choose!

Overall this make-up surprised me big time! Who knew I suited a manly brow? This is a spring trend I will definately be following religiously, because I love how it softens up my really harsh checkbones! If you look back on previous posts you'll see exactly what I mean. I think the more rounded stronger brow suits my face. Though if you have a rounder face and sweet chubby checks you might want to skip this trend and keep those foxy arched brows.

Don't ask, I know my hair is super cute today. I will be making a post all about that later today ;) soo stay surfing!!

I have no ideas for tomorrow's make-up look so if you have any requests or suggestions please drop a comment on any of social networking sites!

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I know Im not smiling in any of my pictures I don't know what happened? All my favourites happened to be of my with a mean look on my face! Hopefully tomorrow a smile makes the cut! lol

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