Thursday, 19 January 2012

Eyelashes That Won't Curl Rant!!

*points to tittle*

Can you relate? I hate my eyelashes sooo much! No matter what drugstore brand of mascara I try none of them can get my eyelashes to hold a curl. I have tried every tip/trick in the book and still nothing is working! After not even seconds of curling my eyelashes and putting on mascara they fall flat again.

Eyelashes are such an easy way to brighten up any eye or to finish off any makeup look, but when they won't curl they don't do either of those things! *Grumble*

I have heard of a curling mascara form Urban Decay that apparently can curl the most stubborn of lashes without even needing an eyelash curler. *obviously you still use one, but to have a curling ability like that :O wow*

One big downfall to this mascara the $20 price tag. Should I one day splurge or just keep cursing my eyelashes after every time they fall flat again!


I just can't do it. If your a family member or a loved one *points up* present idea!!! *wink wink nudge nudge* Until then though I think I need to go hunting again for a cheap curling mascara maybe something new has come out that I am unaware of. Which is very possible because there are sooo many new mascaras!

Here is my list of mascara's that might make the bring it home and try it cut.

Revlon was a bust :O no curling mascara!! boo!!

Maybelline had one the XXL curl power but its a double wander... don't really like those mhmm!

Cover Girl had soo many kinds of mascara but none for curling... they were all about fullness. I don't need fuller lashes if only they curled properly!! GRR....

Oh Rimmel I love you! 3 choices! They are Sexy Curves Mascara which I have used before and if this test fails I will end up going back to until I can splurge on the good stuff.

Volume Flash The Max Bold Curves Volume and lift it claims... mhmm we will see!

Last option sounds very promising hmm... Sexy Curves Full Body Mascara it speaks of 70% more curl! :O if this is true to advertising I am excited!!

So now that I have my list it is time for test number one! Checking google and youtube for any already completed reviews! The highest rated one will come home first. :)

*sad face* XXL curl power does not curl! (so say almost every review) IT is another curved brush that "curls" gimmick mascara... *sigh* well I won't even bother trying this one because it has sooo many negative reviews even as just an overall mascara.

Moving on...

Volume Flash The max Bold Curves (wow what a name) apparently does a great job on the volume promise but there is no lift if anything the volume weighed down the lashes. Another mascara I might just skip out on trying... Seriously why advertise as a curling mascara if it doesn't curl?!?!?!

Hopefully Sexy Curves Full Body Mascara has better reviews...

*wanders off to google brb*

Okay one that apparently actually curls... yay! I will be trying this one and we will see how it goes! I will go and pick it up and try it for a week. So check back in a week for a post and video review on if it lived up to it's promise on my stubborn lashes!

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  1. Have you tried L'Oreal voluminous? I heard its very good:)


    1. I have it is sitting in my make-up bag upstairs and I will probably never use it again... it ways my eyelashes down soo much that they poke me in the eye :O lol see they are just totally tricky eyelashes! thx for the suggestion though!! :)

  2. I have the exact opposite problem. lol. My lashes are too curly! I'm trying to figure out a way to straighten them without doing anything too crazy. I hope you find the perfect curler while I search for my perfect straightener :D


    1. oohh? I've never heard of that being an issue, though I could imagine how too curly would be bothersome. My suggestion would be a really heavy super volume mascara those always weighs my eyelashes down like no bodies business! lol Hope you figure it out :P