Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pink, Pomegranate punk, and gold?

Introduction what on earth should I do for you?
Guess we’ll just jump right into it, hopefully I figure out an intro for the next one. So for this make-up look I didn’t want it to be too bold. I wanted to be pretty and girly and while searching through I found a look that spurred on my inspiration.

What spoke to me right away was the gold sparkle over the brighter pink. So I decided to do a pink/mauve eye with an even bolder touch of gold. Because of the beautiful gold in the eyes I wanted to keep my cheeks nice and warm to keep from looking washed out. A light brush of bronzer on the apples of my cheeks did the trick perfectly.
Lips... mhmm....

plum? Yes! with all the warm tones every else I felt I needed something with a little cooler feel on my lips. (hopefully it turns out because I am actually writing this the night before and have no idea if my lips will take to the colour... dang stubborn natural lip colour.) 
If you have a bright natural lip colour like me investing in a lip primer might be a good idea, (link urban decay) or for a quick fix (which wont always last) use a little bit of your concealer on ur lips then dab a small small small amount of clear waxy lip balm on ur lips pat with powder (I usually use my powder foundation) Then do the colour. Usually you only need to do this much work for a very light colour or a nude lip. Hope this helps a little bit :D
Anyways... got side tracked there. You don't even really need that tip for this make-up look *sigh* oh well it still is a great tip.
Back on track
Here is my completed look, hope you guys like it. 

check it out slightly better picture quality.... I might just be getting the hang of this. lol. 

Overall this look was a little tamer then I like but it is church sunday and all :P no but really I was just feeling light/pretty/girly so thats what I tried to recreate in my make-up. So when your feeling girly what colour must you reach for? PINK! 

Here is a list of the products I used to create this look.

My fit my Maybelline (love this foundation! finally a shade lighter then Ivory! A must try if you have super light skin like me) The coverage is medium and it can dry out your skin if you don't moisturize before applying but still amazing!

Before lip treatment is very important when using any kind of colour. I use dr. hess udder stick before bed, before shower, and after shower. After applying my foundation I scrub my lips rather vigorously with my towel (because it's close... being it's on top of my head) to remove the drying foundation off my lips Then I throw on some of my yummy lemon body shop lip butter *yummy* until I am ready to do my lips.

 This happens to be one of the few more expensive items in my make-up collection. Really though when you compare how slowly you use it to it's cost it actually is very cheap and a must have. It is Gosh eye primer, now what is eye primer and why use it? It creates a smooth surface on your very delicate eyelid that will hold colour, make blending easier and stop creasing. If you love using colour on your eyes this is worth it. (honestly it is only $15 at shoppers and you use half a pea size drop for each lid... so it's worth it!) There are other eye primers out there so find your fav. This is my first time trying this product so Im not sure which brand is my favourite yet, but this has been doing it's job nicely.

 Why is there a blush with the eyeshadow you used? Ummm... well because I didn't have a pink lighter then HOT PINK so I improvised... I used the blush pink all over then used the hot pink out of my L'oreal hip duo combo from about the middle of my lid to the outer corner. Next I used the Colour tattoo eye shadow from maybelline (love these) in pomegranate punk in my outer V (Will one day explain this properly but for now go and look at almost all of her videos she does lots of looks emphasizing the outer V) Then I did some smudge smudge smudging threw on a light patting of the bold gold colour tattoo eye shadow (don't recommend this for the look it got a little muddy next time I will search for some actual gold eye glitter)

This is a trio of white,gold/cream, and pink highlighter mineral eye shadow that I use for all my highlighting... love this set. Don't know where I got it from order it off a deal website on a whim... It is another one of my more expensive (? kinda) hard to find make-up items.

Eyebrows make the face. I use these two above tools to fill in my eyebrows *inside there is a grey and brown colour for mixing to that perfect shade* As you can see it is Lise Watier and I bought it from london drugs ages ago. Don't know if you can still get it but I do know there is better things out there I am just using what I have on hand, because eyebrows frame any make-up look and mine are blonde and super thin/patchy so they need some help.

This is a quick picture with my iphone *gasp* (actually all the make-up product pictures were taken with my iphone lol) I took this picture to show what my eyebrows look like when not coloured in and when they were coloured in... huge difference right! *wow my forehead is huge w/o bangs.... lol anyways* A good eyebrow can make or break a make-up look so don't forget those brows!

My lips' colour was actually from this cheap make-up palette I got as a gift from wal-mart I used the purple from there and then patted them with eyeshadow... They turned out okay but didn't last. In the above completed make-up looks I had been wearing my lips all morning so you can't really see the colour.... In the above picture you can kinda see it better but still so faded... that picture was taken almost right after I was done. 

Now that were talking about lips I am going to let you guys in on a project I am hoping to get started here in the very near future... Long lasting drugstore brand lipstick comparison! I looked and looked (well not that hard but ssshhh) and couldn't find a good descriptive comparison of all the cheap long lasting lip colours so I am going to make one. Wish me luck :D

I have decided to just make a reference post of my whole make-up collection instead of breaking it down every make-up look so watch for that as well. That being said my new make-up look posts will be shorter from now on because I am going to be skipping that chunk! I feel like I go on forever... so that's why I am doing that... ummm

Do I have anything else to add at the moment? Nope okay! Talk to you all later!

Remember take your "me" time mama because you still deserve it! 



  1. i love shimmery eye shadow, i wear it a lot. :)

  2. oohh then check out tomorrow's look for sure lots of shimmer and sparkly gold liner :P lol it'll be super fun!