Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Red Lips and Gold Eyeshadow

So keeping with the sleep deprived need of simple makeup pattern I decided to go with a two-toned makeup look. Gold eyeshadow with a faded red lip stain.

I wanted the combine the bold colours with a faded picture kind of feel. Nothing super overpowering, but still a metallic gold eye and red lip none the less. I made sure my checks were really rosy as well to extenuate how pale my skin is, again playing up that faded photograph colour scheme.

I debate over a black winged liner for a long time, because I really felt that style of liner would bring out a retro feel again amplifying the old photograph colours. Though this would bring out a retro feel I decided I wanted to stay modern with the overall makeup and just use the colours to "age" it as it were.

I did some editing to the pictures and photoshoped an extreme faded colour look. I posted the original of one the pictures beside an edited one so you could still get the feel of the makeup, even without the added effect. Even in the original photo the colour is off... I am not that yellow in real life swear! lol! This look was really simple and beautiful and I found the faded tones of red and blended gold made it very everyday. It'd also be really easy to bring it into a night look by adding that black liner and a bolder red lip. Maybe throw some false lashes in there too. hehe.

Im thinking for tomorrow I will do that blue everyday look I promised you on saturday in my Modern Take on Blue Eyeshadow makeup look. It will be a simple smokey brown look with blue accents. Look forward to it.

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