Friday, 28 September 2012

Not your little girl's PINK

I love revisiting my love for pink every once in a while. I remember the days where everything needed to be pink. Every accessory, every shoe, every lipstick, and every eyeshadow. It also needed to be covered in glitter ;) but that is a whole other obsession!

Usually pink's impact is dependant on it's hue. A light baby pink is for baby girls, a hot bright pink is for the punk in us all, and a soft brownish rose pink is for the sophisticated lady. I wanted to break that mold. Hot neon pink is a huge colour right now and I wanted to have a make-up look I could go to if I was having a pink kind of day. This is the result of that desire!

It is bold, bright and just the right amount of punch to catch your attention. I think this look would look great on darker skin tones, brown eyes, or green eyes. I think this look accomplished my goal quite nicely. What do you guys think? wearable mature neon pink or does it still need some tweaking?

Leave me a comment with your thoughts!
Lots of Love

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

Review time! Now if you have read any of my other posts about mascara you'll know I have a love hate relationship with the sexy black goop. I found the best way to keep my long STRAIGHT lashes curled was to use a waterproof mascara, but using waterproof mascara everyday can be pretty rough on your lashes. Plus with a new baby sometimes I just don't have time to do the elaborate clean up waterproof mascara needs! Which means I sleep with it on my lashes yuck! A friend recommended this mascara for me to try. Here is how it went!

Let's talk packaging first

Love the colours they used! The wand has a weird flex part to it which is neat in theroy but I found it didnt really do anything when applying the mascara. That being said it didn't make it harder to apply either. It really didnt do anything negative or positive. I could see it being handy if you have a hard time working product right at the root of your lashes, but I don't so I can say that for sure. The brush is big and full of bristles and I really enjoyed how it grabbed my lashes. It didn't clump them together or space them out too much. I felt like it provided the perfect amount of volume.

no product

light application (how I would wear for daytime)

When product was applied in multiple layers

How did the formula do?

It is lightweight like advertised, but not super lightweight. I'd say it is a middle-weight contender. The formula left my lashes really soft to touch which was really neat and comfortable. I couldn't get over the flexibility of this formula! In the heat (crazy hot heat to boot!) it held up beautifully. No flaking. No smearing. No smudging.

Did it hold my lashes curled all day?

Almost. I'll give it an almost. It didn't make it all day but it did better then most. Around late afternoon my lashes would start to droop, but I am usually done my day by then so it held up for the whole length of "MY" day. Plus, being such a flexible formula I could do a touch up curl without damaging my lashes if need be and it would make it until I removed my make-up.

no product/no curl super straight

curled/product applied nice lift and hold

Final verdict

As a daily mascara this one is a winner! It lasts through my errands in blistering heat. Held my curl well enough to not bother my eyes, and even if I did need to do some eye rubbing it wouldn't go anywhere anyways! I think it could be used in a night out look as well but like I said earlier it is more middle ground drama. So if you want super intense it might not be quite enough for you. It is pretty build-able though. I could totally see myself repurchasing this product! If your thinking about checking it out I suggest you do!

Lots of love