Saturday, 14 January 2012

What..??? A blog?

We'll see how this goes.

My time is sparse *two kids and pregnant can do that* so I have no idea how frequently this blog will receive any love, but my latest drive for make-up compels me to find a home for my thoughts on the subject.

I can't say my wisdom is endless on the subject or well rounded in any means. Though if you have fair skin, hazel or brown eyes and darker hair my make-up tips are right up your alley. Clear reminder though make-up is for fun so if you love a colour and your skin/eyes/hair don't who cares. It's for you. So enjoy every minute of it.

I am going to back track a couple days and post some completed make-up looks that I did in the last week. The pictures are sketchy and blurry and the lighting sucks and you can tell an amateur took them. (with her stock webcam form her apple to boot) BUT! They are the beginning and we all have start somewhere. Hopefully as time goes on my pictures will get better. I will master lighting, and put to good use the timer on my really nice camera. So without further ado I present...

Last Weeks Make-Up

*First up*
Orange, Orange, and a little more Orange. This look was all about a very bold bright eyes, so everything else was nice and light and natural. Yes my natural lip colour is actually almost that bright... crazy right? okay okay okay I put a little bit of lipstick on but as you can see with better lighting it isn't that bright.

More orange? Yup! It is a huge colour for this coming spring so I wanted to really perfect my use of it before spring actually hit.... *nods* yup yup its about fashion and has nothing to do with the fact that I just love bright colours and bright oranges... yup yup.  Anyways...... .... .... This look is really natural even with the orange. I used light taupes and browns on my eyes a dust of peach on my upper cheekbones (left the apples alone didn't want too much colour everywhere) and then hit up my lips with a creamy matte orange.

Everyone can wear bright blue eyeshadow! I am not blonde, nor do I have blue eyes but I worked blue eyeshadow no problem. I used a very bright blue *lighting curse you* all over my lid then used a very pretty dark berry pink/red on the outer corners for definition and shaping. Very blended and soft edges are the key. Paired it with peachy cheeks and lips and I fell in love with this look!

HOT! *sizzle* pink that is. I love the colour pop look. Eyes are done up naturally with only the bottom lash lined with a bold bright colour, most commonly I've found teal to be the colour of choice. Well I did pink! and loved it. I am in all honestly a barbie girl deep down dontcha know.

AAaaahhh!!! Zombie! oh wait it's me. Nothing beats a smokey eye, except well an exaggerated smokey eye. With this look I went for it. Dark, big, and blended! I went with almost nothing everywhere else and let my eyes do the talking. A bright pink just on the apples of my cheeks so I didn't look quite so dead and then a very nude barely there pink lip.

Another bright colour addition. Bold black liner with a twist, yellow eyeshadow. This make-up is very simple! Yellow all over, pin-up winged black eyeliner and bright pink lips. OH! and a dash of bronzer on my cheeks for a sporty glow. For some reason I felt very girly when wearing this make-up, but also very sporty. Fun look over all :)

Coral is another hot colour this season.. mostly because it's the timid women's orange. So if you want to hit up the orange trend but just can't do it hunt down some coral and your golden(another great trend f.y.i. gold) This make-up look uses a light and dark coral plus a pop of spring green on the inner corner.  Bronzed cheeks and a simple glossy lip (the original colour I choose didn't last until the picture so poo on it.) Very natural but still done you could hit up the grocery store or dine out with that hot guy you happen to be married to.

Who can beat a good icon look? Twiggy was my inspiration for this make-up look and I simply adore it. Bold white lids with even bolder black liner. Black liner along the lash line as well as in the crease (will have to do it even bolder next time because I have a deeper then normal crease) winged out on both corners of the eye. Thick cakey lashes a matte orange or nude lip and your set. Twiggy has awesome freckles so to copy her completely keep coverage light and maybe softly bronzed but nothing else needed.

So you have been updated on my latest make-up adventures now what look should I do next?

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