Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hot Smokey Pink Eye Shadow

Smokey eyes are sexy sexy sexy! and nothing about them says little girl! Pink is a fabulous colour and alot of us of the female gender love the colour, but we shy away from it when it comes to eyeshadow. why? We fear looking like little girls! Pink is something that epitomizes sweet and innocent. Usually... anyways! Today I went for an edgy pink makeup look that screams anything but little girl. I used the sexiness of a smokey eye and a bold hot pink shade to grow up my love of pink.

This look isn't for everyone, but almost everyone can wear it. Pink is very similar to red as is there is very likely to be a shade out there for you. Even if it isn't the perfect shade just even it out with it's opposing colour family. If it's cool go warm everywhere else, if it's neutral avoid neutrals, and if it's warm go cool. Even though there are colours that will be the best for you that doesn't mean you should limit yourself just to those colours!

Products Used

  • Almay under eye concealer
  • fit me foundation by maybelline
  • Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer
  • Bonnebelle eye liner in hot pink and taupe
  • Revlon lip Butter in creme brulee
  • L'oreal HIP bright shadow duo in Brazen
  • Bronzer unknown brand
Also as mentioned in above video here is a link to the picture that inspired this make-up look -> Click Here <- well your there be sure to follow my boards :D

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Finalized Review of Maybelline Baby Lips

I started out with a blog post of my first impression which you can find -> Here <- and today I finally am releasing my long term thoughts of the product! :D

I talked about their advertising and how the product lived up to it. I also talked about my favourite feature of the product and how that alone is why I will be buying more of this product! Check it out and share your thoughts on the product!

Do you agree with me? Disagree?

Loved to read your comments! :D


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Date Night

Who doesn't like a good date night make-up look? Today happens to be me and my husband's 5 year anniversary so it is a very special date night to me! I wanted something my husband likes but that would make me feel sexy. My husband is more of a natural make-up lover so really my everyday look would of gotten a "beautiful!" from him but *yawn* soo boring!! I decided to go with colours that compliment my natural features amped up with a smokey flair. I feel so sexy with a fabulous smokey eye and paler lip!

Very dark green to play on my almost hazel eyes with a very sparkly glam gold liner to make my brown sparkle! I decided to skip out on lashes because I have pretty long lashes as is and I was trying to be somewhat natural. I have a paler pink natural lip colour but I wanted to keep with the golden flair! So I went with a golden tinted brown lip butter. Still light and sexy but natural and complimenting!

I am super happy with how my date night make-up came out and I hope my husband is floored :P which I am sure he will be I am a pretty sexy 8 month pregnant lady!!



Lots of Love

Write to you all again soon!!! :D

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Green with Envy!

Eye liner is seriously the most versatile tool in your make-up bag. You can use it for so many things! Today was a pencil inspired look. That fabulous green on my eyes is a new liner that I just picked up. It was just too gorgeous of a green to leave it in the store.

I haven't done a really nice pastel look in a while so this look was like a breath of fresh air. It was nice and light but gave just enough definition to help define my features.

Hope you enjoyed this great pastel green look with a pale lavender lip! I sure did :D

Lots of Love

Friday, 9 March 2012

Copper head OVER heels for Green!

 I am now over blue and have moved onto green! Today was just a hint of green, but it was enough to make the green in my hazel eyes to pop! Copper is another colour I am all about right now as well. I love how bright and vibrant it can be, but at the same time you can easily tone it down for a more rusted copper look. I plan on doing a copper smokey eye in the near future to demonstrate a more rusted copper feel. After falling in love with this lipstick I have to admit everytime I use it I really don't like it for me :( *sad face to the extreme* Oh well, guess I'll have to find a coral more suited to my colouring.

There you have it :) I enjoyed the eye make-up of this look very bold and bright but not over the top. The lips didn't really work for me this time around but still very pretty overall.

Thanks Bunches for checking out today's LOTD

Lots of Love

Monday, 5 March 2012

Matte Copper Love

Whose isn't a fan of fine metals? Be them shimmery, metallic or matte?!

I wanted a really simple flexible wearable look today. Something fresh and light, bright and young, but church going approved!

As I was going through pintereast I found my eyes being caught by these gorgeous brown/copper palettes so I decided to base today make-up off of one of them.

->Click Here<- to see it. I didn't smoke out the copper as much on my bottom lash line because I was feeling self-concsious about the growing bags under my eyes (thanks kids!) I doubt the colour would've made my black circles stand out, but I don't like putting much product on them because puffy means irritated to me so why would I add to that.

I also went brown for the lips because I didn't want to be that matchy matchy today. No real reason other than because I didn't feel like wearing that colour on my lips.

Now I know most of the time I list a product list, but I am cursious if you guys want me to keep doing that or not. It is a little bit of a pain and I know I would pump out more looks if I just skipped that step in my posts. Though if you guys really enjoy seeing which products I used than please let me know and I will continue to make those lists up.

I think I am going to stay in this general colour palette for a while. I am really draw to all this copper and earthy toned make-up I am seeing lately. I love how I still have alot of my bright colours mixed in like the subtle hints of yellow in this look, but they don't completely take over the make-up. You notice them, appreciate them and then move on from them. Looking at the make-up as a whole instead of just that one colour.

Tomorrow's make-up look is probably going to contain this gorgeous spring green colour I have in my wal-mart palette. I haven't decided how I am going to use it yet but it will be within the same sphere of palette as today's look.

Look forward to it!

Lots of Love

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Revisiting an Old Favourite!

 Today I gave my old Almay brown eye palette some love. I had stopped using this palette once I started to gain more experiance doing make-up. Though when I first got it, it was amazing! Now it is a little too bland and simple. That being said it really is a great simple make-up palette that can be worn almost anywhere for any event. I used some purple liner to make it a little darker and bolder because I wasn't in the mood to rock the almost pastel purple this specific palette came with. I just used some concealer and powder foundation today because I am trying to find the simplest way possible to do my make-up in preparation for when my baby is born.

If you checked out my post yesterday you might notice that there is something similar about this look and my purple liner look.... well there is! I did this mins. after taking the picture for that post. I smudged away the flick to the liner blended it in a little more and darkened the overall shadow. I did this to show how easy it is to change your make-up for a change of event or if you just were not in the mood to wear the make-up you did.  I didn't do many changes but I ended up with two totally different looks with two totally different impressions.

Great simple make-up look for brown or hazel eyes today!

Lots of Love


if you have noticed my ungroomed brows, don't worry I know. I am being super lazy and waiting until they grow all back in and then am going to get them waxed. I also am planning on buying an eyebrow pencil because I have been finding the powder to be too bold of a look for me for everyday. So that's why my eyebrows have been deprived of some love as of late! haha!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Mood Ring Eye Liner

Why does winged eye liner only come in black? Not anymore! A big trend this spring is anything goes when it comes to liner. I love this for a whole bunch of reasons! 
  1. It is super simple, basic shadows and then liner and mascara done!
  2. Great way to add a bright colour to your look without looking too done up or cartoonish!
  3. When it isn't black it's much easier to get away with mistakes!
  4. Always had trouble with liner lines? This is a fantastic way to practise!
  5. Everyday can be a different look without venturing from your normal routine!
and the list could just go on and on and on!

Here are a couple of my experiments with colour liner.

Bright Bold Pink
(flirty and fun without looking like barbie yes please!)

(Neutral but not! love that this specific taupe had an almost green touch to it!)


Strike Zone Purple
(This is a favourite colour of mine to use on brown eyes! love the simple pop it gives!)

If your feeling green go green! singing the blues? let the world know! Are you just peachy? Go for it!!

Let your mood guide when it comes to this trend! It is meant to be fun so don't play it safe ;)

Lots of Love

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pop of Blue

I am always al about a well done colour pop in make-up. There is something so fun and flirty about it that I just can't say no too. Here is one of my favourite colour pop looks that I wear for just about any occasion. This colour palette would compliment blue eyes especially well!

Smokey browns on top with a striking blue on the lower lash line. The neutral browns help stabilize the bright colour and don't subdue it but compliment it in such a way that you almost have to do a double take to notice it. I love this kind of make-up because It has limitless colour possibilities so it'll work on any eye/skin colours. Plus if your in a position like me where your still really young and should be able to get away with colour, but you feel a need for sophistication this kind of look is a great balance of the two. I find being such a young mom I almost try to hard to avoid things that would be naturally acceptable for my age because I look too young to have my babies in tow. This look melds the two parts of my identity really well, and I enjoy it very much.

Another great perk about this kind of look is it's smokey application. It is almost one of those cases where messier is better. If you add too much blue underneath who cares grab a cream and smoke it out. It'd be very hard to overdo the colour in this look and when I can quickly splash a look on it quickly becomes a favourite!

Glad to have gotten a post out to you guys!! Enjoy it, more are on their way!!!

Lots of Loves