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Long Lasting Lipstick review (revlon,rimmel,covergirl, and maybelline)

So the results are in!

Some were disappointments, some were worth it just because their colour was so amazing, and others were the most amazing thing ever!

left to right maybelline superstay 10hr fresh fuchsia, rimmel lasting finish lipstick paradise,  revlon colourstay ultimate liquid lipstick top tomato, and covergirl long lasting lipcolour hottie

Revlon colour stay ultimate liquid lipstick

Which I used for my Marilyn Munroe Make-up Look. Click the link for how the lipstick looked! Now at first I loved this lipstick. The colour Top Tomato was simply breath-taking, and was exactly what I was looking for out of a red lipstick. When I did the long lasting swatch test on my hand this stayed on my hand no problem for a whole day and night. So I knew it had staying power! Let's see if it does as well on the dehydrating test!

It originally didn't feel very drying at all, actually I was timid at first of kissing my kids checks because of how wet my lips still felt. Though after eating and drinking coffee I realized I was just being silly there was no transfer. I did need to add some moisturizing lip balm halfway through (around the 4hr mark) but that was it. At about the 7hr mark if I wasn't ready to remove my makeup I would of had to reapply the colour, but 7 hours with only 1 lip balm application is not bad at all.

Score Card

Long Lasting A+
Colour A+
Hydrating B

Overall Grade A
I will use this product again, and I will probably go and buy some more colours. It worked fabulously and didn't feel dry to wear actually it felt almost sticky glass-like when on my lips.

Rimmel lasting finish lipstick

Used in my Natural Earthy-Toned Make-up Look this colour shone! I was originally going to buy a nude from this product line but this earthy brown colour was too irresistible. In the swatch test this one did not make it very long at all. After just a couple hours it was fading, and even at the beginning it would smudge and transfer easily. Needless to say it was gone before bedtime. (I don't know the exact time it wore off)

When I wore this it was fabulous no more drying then a regular lipstick and it went on soo smoothly. After the swatch test I didn't have high hopes for this product at all. I ate, I drank, I ate some more... colour was still there! What? It did fad slightly but the colour was still very much there. After about 3hrs though I did need to reapply the colour because my natural lip colour was starting to show a little more then I wanted. 6hrs of wearing this colour and my lips are still very hydrated and I didn't need lip balm all day.

Score Card

Long Lasting C+
Colour A
Hydrating A+

Overall Grade B
Seeing as this needed as much maintenance as revlon (be it colour or lip balm I needed to apply something halfway through wearing) and did just as well during eating and drinking I'd say it did pretty well. I will be using this lipstick again and I might buy more colours. Overall pretty good for the only long lasting (actual) lipstick.

Maybelline 10hr lip gloss

Bright colour oh how I love you! This fresh fuchsia was not as bright as I was expecting (actually it was very luscious over bright) but still very beautiful! I used it in my first How to wear bright lipstick post and loved how to colour looked on me. On the swatch test this was if not the best for staying power.  It was very bright and vibrant even after a whole day and night. I actually had to use makeup remover to get it off my arm.

So let's talk smell... umm amazing! This is a true form lip gloss. When applied it feels like lip gloss, when opened it smells like lip gloss, and it most definitely is not sticky like lip gloss!Now it says 10hr but I'll only give it 7hrs. Which isn't bad considering I didn't need any lip balm and my lips felt great almost the entire time. I had 2 meals and lots of drinks during that 7hrs and it held up perfectly the entire time.

Score Card

Long Lasting A+
Colour A
Hydrating A+

Overall Grade A+
So far this is my favourite product! I will most definitely go and buy more colours and suggest this to everyone! It is the first true to it's name long-wear lip gloss I have encountered that is actually gloss not lipstick parading as gloss. Even though I didn't need too I just wanted to put more on because of how yummy it smelled! Plus the added no need for lip balm just the one application of product for 7hrs! FABULOUS!!!

Cover Girl outlast all-day lipcolour

Me and this product have had it out before. I bought it when it first came out and absolutely hated wearing it. Someone told me that they aren't as bad as they once were so I had to give it a fair running and wipe the slate clean. In my swatch test this was the clear winner. It would not come off my arm no matter how hard I scrubbed or what product I used. (is that really a good thing?) On my arm the colour looked somewhat shear but I just did it quick so I didn't make any judgements yet.

Maybe I just picked a dud colour but the "hottie" colour was so sheer it took numerous coats to get it to really show up on my lips. You can see the lip colour in my Pin-Up Makeup Look. Which is a major negative to me seeing as I started this search for a good long lasting lip colour to subdue my pigmented natural lip. So after the third coat I had colour, and it was a nice colour. My lips instantly started to feel like I had cling warped them though. I threw on the moisturizing balm that comes with the product and, "aaaaahhhh" relief my lips felt normal.

It lasted 8hrs on my lips with no need for more moisturizer or reapplication of colour. My lips did start to feel kinda crumbly, but not until the very end of the day. I think I probably could of avoided this with some more moisturizer, but I wanted to see how few applications I could get away with.

Score Card

Long Lasting A+
Colour C
Hydrating C+

Overall Grade B-
Yes, it has gotten better from when this product was first launched. I will give it that accolade, but being better than you once were isn't really a reward. It did however do everything it claimed to and didn't need reapplication or moisturizer. It did however make my lips feel itchy after a little while, and need multiple coats to get a vivid colour. (and I mean put a coat on, dry and repeat 3x) I love this colour though and even with the 3x coats I would probably buy this product again just for that purple colour.

Overall Favourites

The maybelline 10hr lip gloss. I loved this product and it left me desperately wanting more. More colours, and more products from maybelline's other long lasting lines. I was soo surprised at how lip glossy this product was. I love lip gloss but hate sticky lips and this is the perfect solution to that.

This is a competition of lipstick though, and even though I love the lip gloss product it ended up actually being a lip gloss. (which I was not expecting) So as far as more matte finish lipsticks I am going to have to award Revlon colourstay ultimate liquid lipstick with the grand winner prize!

GRAND WINNER:     Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

This was a really fun competition to do and I hope to do more in the near future. I will be trying to get my hands on Maybelline's other long wear products to see if they are just as wonderful as the gloss, so keep an eye out for those reviews in the near future.

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