Monday, 16 January 2012

Wishlist Items

Youtube Make-Up Gurus how I love to hate you!

I have been sooo enjoying watching all of these fabulous make-up gurus videos on youtube, but because of my exposure to them I have been introduced to a list of products I would just love to have!

So to help deal with my deep desire to purchase these items (when I can't afford them I might add) I have decided to make a list here of the things I would love to try one day down the road.

I am not going to put any M.A.C. items on this list because there would be too many items, and you'd get bored of this list very quickly due to repetition. So excluding M.A.C. here are some make-up items I would love to get my hands on!
88 colour matte palette from BHcosmetics

Love the look of this palette and so many people have raved about how pigmented it is. Which makes me want it even more! As far as I know the only place you can get it is from the website which I linked up above. They have some great brushes as well (well so I've heard)

88 colour cool matte palette from BHcosmetics

I really feel this palette compliments the one above really nicely! With all those bright colours you need the softer versions too. That is just common sense.... right?

eyeshadow primer by Urban Decay

This is one of if not the most raved about primer by almost everyone. I really don't see the need for my eyeshadow primer to have a skin tint to it so I'd be fine with just the original version of this product. This set from Sephora which I linked above has the orignal clear version as well as the shimmery champagne colour. So I could still try the tinted version even though I have doubts.

super-saturated high gloss lip colour by Urban Decay

I have been recommended this product for my stubborn lip colour, so I would love to try to see if the colour can really beat my natural colour. From my hunting I believe this is another Sephora exclusive. Which makes me kinda apprehensive about it just because I can't try any of the colours before I buy it, but I still want it. The punch drunk looks fab!

Naked palette by Urban Decay

This is the much talked about Naked! There is a naked2 palette out now too, but I really want to try out the original. Start at the beginning of the buzz and see if I feel the same way or it's not worth the hubabulou.

perfect brow pencil by Anastasia

This kinda turned into an Urban Decay list. *sigh* Well to break it up I do have an item from another company which I want to try. i saw this used by a guru in the taupe colour (formerly ash blonde) and thought it would be the most perfect match to my brow colour. I have light brows which are really hard to match so usually I just go darker, but that makes them look really bold so if I were to ever want a toned down brow I'd need a product for that... I think this might be that product! Oh how I want you eyebrow pencil!!

supercurl curling mascara by Urban Decay

After looking through tons and tons of reviews I finally decided this was the mascara I wanted to try first. I have lovely long lashes, I mean you girls should really be jealous they are fab. Only one problem... They dont curl! Not even the tiniest bit. They stick out straight from my eyes and fight every attempt to curl them. I usually just give up the fight and try my best to get a little lift and use a mascara that is nice and light so not to weigh them down. Apparently even with stubborn lashes like mine this mascara could,would and should curl them without even using an eyelash curler! If you used an eyelash curler you'd get crazy curls and lift too! :O Wow sounds amazing and so many claim this to be true.... I wish I could try it for myself!!

So there is my wishlist... even though I left out M.A.C. it still was really a one brand list *sigh* urban decay how I want to try your products!! I also ended up linking to Sephora alot because apparently they are the only store that carry alot of these products. I will have to go to Shoppers though and double cheek how exclusive, exclusive really is, because they carry Urban Decay there as well.

Hope this inspires you to make up your own wishlist! Let me know if you have tried any of these what were they like? Did you love them? hate them? Thought they were overrated? Comment below!


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