Monday, 19 November 2012

Is It Worth The Hype? Eye Shadow Primer

So here I am again sorry about the long hiatus! Today we are putting eye shadow primer under a microscope! Is it worth it? Even on the cheaper scale? Do you really need it or is it just another step.

Those were just a few of the questions I asked about this product when I was first looking into buying some for myself. I decided to get some of the cheapest stuff out on the market because it seemed ridiculously expensive for such a simple product. I started out with the brand GOSH's primer and was not impressed. It was nice and it did make my eye shadow go on smoother, but the colour didn't last longer. I still had some streaks in my crease come the end of the day, and the promise of brighter bolder colours were not as amazing as advertised!

I was about to toss this product to the curb, but then I came into a couple free samples from some higher end brands. The much raved about Urban Decay primer in both Greed and The Original. Now I was skeptical about the original colour because it just looked like watered down concealer how was that going to help? So I didn't start my test with it, I went for greed because I liked the idea of a golden base. Man were my thoughts of it being a watered down concealer off! It was much smoother and softer and felt luscious  when I put it on my eyes. Now I only used taupes, browns, and golds with "Greed" but they were much brighter! They lasted all day and didn't crease or run and become raccoony. I loved it and decided that maybe the original colour was worth my attention.

I didn't try it though, I came into another free sample of benefit's Primer and decided to try it out first. It seemed very similar to urban Decay's primer but was a couple dollars cheaper in its full size version. (at least in Canada, in the states UD primer is on sale and is cheaper) Now I liked this product and it did it's job. My eye shadow stayed put, the colours were brighter, and it didn't crease come the end of the day.

My only problem with the Benefit's primer is that I used Urban Decay's primer in original after it. They are really very close as far as products go. Even their price point is only off by a couple dollars. I still like Urban Decay's product better. It just seemed to work a smidgen harder for me. The colours seem slightly brighter, and last a little bit later into the night. Either product is really nice, and I can't bring myself to recommend either over the other. I think I just like Urban Decay's product better due to personal preference and not based on the product.

So if I have a favourite does that mean I think it is worth it?


Not exactly. For everyday light "I'm running out for groceries" make-up it is just an extra step that seems unnecessary. I don't use it everyday and sometimes I do forget about it entirely. Do I notice when I don't wear it? Yes almost right away I notice, because blending is quiet a bit harder without this product on as a base. When I am going out or I am doing a more daring make-up look it is a must have.

So my final thoughts on this product are, if you wear bright colours, go out with more daring make-up, or just like to do make-up this product is a must have! If your make-up is more on the side of a simple everyday to get you by then you don't need this product. It is just an extra step. Quality does make a difference with this product. I would definitely invest in the higher price point brand's primer over the drugstore brands. You use so little at a time and they give you a fair amount it isn't a product you will be running to the store to buy very often. Which makes it a good value in my books.

Hope this was helpful!

Lots of Love