Wednesday, 29 February 2012

You are a Natural Beauty Mama!

Today I put on this peachy pink peasant top looked and the mirror and had a "wow pregnant glow finally arrived" moment so I decided to let my glow shine and just went for a blush, mascara, and lip gloss make-up look today. No concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, nothing! Just the bare necessities. I think every women regardless of pregnant glow or not should do this. Take the time to properly appreciate how Beautiful you are without makeup on! You have stunning features without contouring them, your eye colour pops without that eye shadow, and your lips have your most perfect shade of lip colour built right in to them!

Pick a day in the near future and wear as little make-up as possible, enjoy the beauty your were born with!

Now I say as little as possible, because even on your best skin day you'll still have something that bothers you. Here is what I used and why for today's let your own beauty shine look. Now my checks were rosy and beautiful but a little splotchy in the rosy distribution so I went to my trusty blush that matches my natural flush (rhyme much lol) and just filled in the blotchy spots. I didn't cover my whole checks, or use the colour to add colour to my checks I just made it appear a little more uniform. For some reason when my checks are naturally flush right on the apple of my check it has a white patch with flush all around it so I just filled that in essentially. I have long straight lashes that are very light and in contrast to my dark hair you don't really notice them without mascara. So I did a quick curl and one coat (I wish I had brown mascara but I don't so black will have to do for today) just to help them do the job of framing my eyes a little bit better. My lips I used a quick moisturizing balm and that was it. That's all I did.

Personalize this to you though, if you have a really red nose then use a little concealer until you feel comfortable. If you have a pimple cover it. If your lip colour is lacking colour then use a tinted lip balm.

Try to keep it to 3 though! Pick 3 helper make-up items and that's it or you will end up using everything without even realizing it.

Embrace your natural features and stay beautiful!

Lots of Love

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