Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Finger Painting with Make-Up

Sometimes using brushes, and/or cleaning brushes is just too much work! So why not use some of the best tools out there for applying make-up?

What is this amazing tool you ask? Your FINGERS!

We enjoyed making art with our fingers when we were young why not rekindle this love of finger painting when applying your make-up?

When I am being quick and using my fingers I prefer cream products. I just find that the thicker texture is easier to blend with when your using your fingers. Now I do sometimes play with powders but if your using a darker colour you might find it harder to get the colour where you want it, and everywhere you don't want it.

I usually have a wipe (make-up or baby) somewhere handy so as I go I can clean my fingers off quickly and reduce accidentally smearing colour all over my face.

After this look I think I might have to play with my fingers a little more often and see what else comes of this throw back to kindergarten make-up application.

Lots of Love

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