Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Spring 2012 Trends: Bright, Metallic, and Plastic? Eeww!

Trends are awesome! I love checking out the latest seasons trends and picking out the ones I love or the ones I'd leave.

These are a couple of the spring shoe trends that I either love or hate!

Bright Colours

I love this trend, and how bold the colours are this spring /summer season. Most of the colours will still be around come next fall so any bright shoe you invest in this spring will be just as "trendy" in fall. You can wear this shoe trend in so many ways. It can be a statement piece in an outfit, you can colour block right down to your toes, or you can add some flair to a little black dress. A bright shoe is an easy way to add colour to a neutral wardrobe and I think a must have in any shoe closet!

Metallic Toes/Studs/Shoes

This trend goes from minimal in a studded black pump to an extreme all over metallic silver pump. Both fabulous and daring but chic and elegant. When you think of metallic erase that image of a pierced face and rocker chick from your mind because silver and gold baby are worn by the upper class! This bold trend is a wonderful spring trade in for your classic black pump. Add a little bit of metallic on your feet and you just took that pencil skirt from staple wardrobe piece to fierce women walking! I definitely will be rocking this futuristic trend!

See Through Shoes

Okay first thought when I see plastic see-through shoes on the runway... Did I go back in time and to when I just turned 10? NO! Then why are we putting plastic shoes on our feet? Not only do I imagine these to be really uncomfortable and make your feet sweat like nobody's business, but they just look cheap. I have yet to see a shoe out of this trend box that as appealed to me in anyway. I just don't get it, and don't think I ever intend to try.

Hope you enjoyed this High Heeled Hump Day Trend Alert! Stay tuned for more because there are lots of shoe trends I haven't even touched on yet. :D

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