Friday, 3 February 2012

Jessica Alba Inspired Make-Up Tutorial VIDEO!

The video is done x.x It is messy and looks like a first tutorial, but hey it's done! I tried to do it voice over style which I think I will stick with unless you prefer to here me talk as I do the makeup (let me know) I find if I film the video while my kids are up doing a voice over style means less kids screaming in your ear :D

BUT again let me know what you prefer! This was also rush edited so again sorry x.x haha anyways here is a picture of jessica alba's makeup look which I used as inspiration! I love this look for brown eyes, but really it is all neutrals so any eye colour can wear it and look fierce!

I did this makeup look previously and you can find it right here There is also a list of products on that page but I am going to re-list them all here as well! Mostly because I used a couple more items during this tutorial that I just didn't have the first time around.

Products Used

  • Under eye concealer by Almay
  • Various colours from a large Wal-mart brand gift palette 
  • Sext Curve Mascara by Rimmel
  • Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer
  • Summer Eclipse bronzer in moonlight
  • Fit Me Foundation and concealer by maybelline
  • dream mousse blush by maybelline in pink forsting
  • Maybelline line stiletto liquid liner

Now on to the video! :D ENJOY!!!

I had a blast getting this started :D and intend to do alot more!  Stay tuned for those and give me any feedback! As it is a first tutorial I totally understand it isn't perfect and would love any feedback to make it even better next time. 

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