Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pop of Blue

I am always al about a well done colour pop in make-up. There is something so fun and flirty about it that I just can't say no too. Here is one of my favourite colour pop looks that I wear for just about any occasion. This colour palette would compliment blue eyes especially well!

Smokey browns on top with a striking blue on the lower lash line. The neutral browns help stabilize the bright colour and don't subdue it but compliment it in such a way that you almost have to do a double take to notice it. I love this kind of make-up because It has limitless colour possibilities so it'll work on any eye/skin colours. Plus if your in a position like me where your still really young and should be able to get away with colour, but you feel a need for sophistication this kind of look is a great balance of the two. I find being such a young mom I almost try to hard to avoid things that would be naturally acceptable for my age because I look too young to have my babies in tow. This look melds the two parts of my identity really well, and I enjoy it very much.

Another great perk about this kind of look is it's smokey application. It is almost one of those cases where messier is better. If you add too much blue underneath who cares grab a cream and smoke it out. It'd be very hard to overdo the colour in this look and when I can quickly splash a look on it quickly becomes a favourite!

Glad to have gotten a post out to you guys!! Enjoy it, more are on their way!!!

Lots of Loves

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