Friday, 17 February 2012

Fashionable Mama Friday

As most of my regular readers will know. I am almost 7 months pregnant, and I have a beef with all those poor mamas out there that stop being their little fashionable selfs because of a change in silhouette. Just because you shape has changed does not mean you can't still follow trends, wear hot shoes, and strut your stuff! So these posts are dedicated to you Chic Mama's out there! Let's talk about how to stay sexy well your doing some of the most beautiful work in your life. Growing a baby.

Let's start the first week off with a laugh check out this great video -->

Isn't that great? HA HA HA... loves it! Anyways on to the outfit today!


I am rocking a top and belt from Wal-Mart. (that plaid tunic top is a fav find of my non-mat clothes that can be worn over a baby belly) The necklace is from Suzy Shier which I love. Bows, diamonds and pearls all together equals perfection! Jeans are a pair of straight leg mat pants from old navy.

Brown Little ankle booties from Jessica Simpson and a gorgeous Persian hat that my mom brought back for me from a paris trip! Love that added pow of colour :D

Hope this begins to convince you that being pregnant does not mean living in moo moos or in your husbands old t-shirts. Pregnancy is sexy and don't you forget to flaunt those curves!

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