Wednesday, 1 February 2012

High Heeled Hump Day

Who doesn't love a good shoe talk?

What's hot?

 What's an "oh my... why?" 

What's a staple must have?

Imma talk about all kinds of shoes every hump day from now on! If you aren't already a shoe addict I have made it my mission to make you one :D Just check out this week's pick of drool worthy shoes!

I know winter is nearing it's end, but snow is going to be on the ground for at least 2 more months where I live sooo boots are still in season! I love these boots! Just enough heel to elongate the leg, rounded but not too rounded toe, and the coolest little glitter/punky edge on the ankle.

Enjoy this awesome boot, and anticipate next weeks show! Will it be a drool worthy shoe or a what were they thinking shoe? Check back to see!!

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