Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I Admit Defeat! - Pregnancy Journal

SO... it is the day after v-day and I only managed to get two looks up x.x the third which was coming in video tutorial form is taking longer to edit than I had planned... so it will just be a random tutorial I upload down the road!

I have a make-up look for today which I plan on posting about asap! So keep an eye out for that! I will get back on track with my posts I promise! Today is also supposed to be high heeled hump day :( and I just haven't had anytime to find a shoe worth talking about. So unfortunately that post misses out this week too.

If your at all interested I am going to do random journal posts about my pregnancy... starting with now!

I am 1 day shy of 30 weeks so I am just gunna claim I am 30 weeks because saying 29 weeks and 6 days just feels weird! I feel so paranoid this pregnancy. Not about what I eat or anything like that, but about the baby's health and my health. I feel like anything could go wrong. I don't remember this sense of doom my last two pregnancies! Why? what am I so freaked out about? It will probably end up just like my last two, but for some reason I just feel nervous about this baby.

I feel like all my help will be far away and not be able to get to me in time. Which leaves me with my two little ones and the possibility of labor. I didn't think I'd be so anxious to end this pregnancy just so the going into labor part would happen! The gender doesn't matter, and yes I am excited about seeing my baby but I am not impatient to meet this little one... maybe because I am scared of being a mom of three kids? Probably! haha!

Maybe I just don't remember feeling this worried with my last two but I was? I don't know but I wish this sense of impending doom would just go away already!

Paranoid is not a fun state to be in... maybe this is just how I nest? EEeeww! I hope that's not true!!!

Thanks for reading my ramblings if you did :D

Lots of Love!!

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