Saturday, 3 March 2012

Revisiting an Old Favourite!

 Today I gave my old Almay brown eye palette some love. I had stopped using this palette once I started to gain more experiance doing make-up. Though when I first got it, it was amazing! Now it is a little too bland and simple. That being said it really is a great simple make-up palette that can be worn almost anywhere for any event. I used some purple liner to make it a little darker and bolder because I wasn't in the mood to rock the almost pastel purple this specific palette came with. I just used some concealer and powder foundation today because I am trying to find the simplest way possible to do my make-up in preparation for when my baby is born.

If you checked out my post yesterday you might notice that there is something similar about this look and my purple liner look.... well there is! I did this mins. after taking the picture for that post. I smudged away the flick to the liner blended it in a little more and darkened the overall shadow. I did this to show how easy it is to change your make-up for a change of event or if you just were not in the mood to wear the make-up you did.  I didn't do many changes but I ended up with two totally different looks with two totally different impressions.

Great simple make-up look for brown or hazel eyes today!

Lots of Love


if you have noticed my ungroomed brows, don't worry I know. I am being super lazy and waiting until they grow all back in and then am going to get them waxed. I also am planning on buying an eyebrow pencil because I have been finding the powder to be too bold of a look for me for everyday. So that's why my eyebrows have been deprived of some love as of late! haha!

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