Monday, 5 March 2012

Matte Copper Love

Whose isn't a fan of fine metals? Be them shimmery, metallic or matte?!

I wanted a really simple flexible wearable look today. Something fresh and light, bright and young, but church going approved!

As I was going through pintereast I found my eyes being caught by these gorgeous brown/copper palettes so I decided to base today make-up off of one of them.

->Click Here<- to see it. I didn't smoke out the copper as much on my bottom lash line because I was feeling self-concsious about the growing bags under my eyes (thanks kids!) I doubt the colour would've made my black circles stand out, but I don't like putting much product on them because puffy means irritated to me so why would I add to that.

I also went brown for the lips because I didn't want to be that matchy matchy today. No real reason other than because I didn't feel like wearing that colour on my lips.

Now I know most of the time I list a product list, but I am cursious if you guys want me to keep doing that or not. It is a little bit of a pain and I know I would pump out more looks if I just skipped that step in my posts. Though if you guys really enjoy seeing which products I used than please let me know and I will continue to make those lists up.

I think I am going to stay in this general colour palette for a while. I am really draw to all this copper and earthy toned make-up I am seeing lately. I love how I still have alot of my bright colours mixed in like the subtle hints of yellow in this look, but they don't completely take over the make-up. You notice them, appreciate them and then move on from them. Looking at the make-up as a whole instead of just that one colour.

Tomorrow's make-up look is probably going to contain this gorgeous spring green colour I have in my wal-mart palette. I haven't decided how I am going to use it yet but it will be within the same sphere of palette as today's look.

Look forward to it!

Lots of Love

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