Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hot Smokey Pink Eye Shadow

Smokey eyes are sexy sexy sexy! and nothing about them says little girl! Pink is a fabulous colour and alot of us of the female gender love the colour, but we shy away from it when it comes to eyeshadow. why? We fear looking like little girls! Pink is something that epitomizes sweet and innocent. Usually... anyways! Today I went for an edgy pink makeup look that screams anything but little girl. I used the sexiness of a smokey eye and a bold hot pink shade to grow up my love of pink.

This look isn't for everyone, but almost everyone can wear it. Pink is very similar to red as is there is very likely to be a shade out there for you. Even if it isn't the perfect shade just even it out with it's opposing colour family. If it's cool go warm everywhere else, if it's neutral avoid neutrals, and if it's warm go cool. Even though there are colours that will be the best for you that doesn't mean you should limit yourself just to those colours!

Products Used

  • Almay under eye concealer
  • fit me foundation by maybelline
  • Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer
  • Bonnebelle eye liner in hot pink and taupe
  • Revlon lip Butter in creme brulee
  • L'oreal HIP bright shadow duo in Brazen
  • Bronzer unknown brand
Also as mentioned in above video here is a link to the picture that inspired this make-up look -> Click Here <- well your there be sure to follow my boards :D

Lots of Love

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