Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Date Night

Who doesn't like a good date night make-up look? Today happens to be me and my husband's 5 year anniversary so it is a very special date night to me! I wanted something my husband likes but that would make me feel sexy. My husband is more of a natural make-up lover so really my everyday look would of gotten a "beautiful!" from him but *yawn* soo boring!! I decided to go with colours that compliment my natural features amped up with a smokey flair. I feel so sexy with a fabulous smokey eye and paler lip!

Very dark green to play on my almost hazel eyes with a very sparkly glam gold liner to make my brown sparkle! I decided to skip out on lashes because I have pretty long lashes as is and I was trying to be somewhat natural. I have a paler pink natural lip colour but I wanted to keep with the golden flair! So I went with a golden tinted brown lip butter. Still light and sexy but natural and complimenting!

I am super happy with how my date night make-up came out and I hope my husband is floored :P which I am sure he will be I am a pretty sexy 8 month pregnant lady!!



Lots of Love

Write to you all again soon!!! :D

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