Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Trends that Need to DIE!

Most trends I am all for and the ones I'm not well I understand them at least. There are a few trends out there that I just don't get OR that should have died off already! They got their moment now go away!!

Today I am talking about a trend that should of died off but is still around and more powerful then ever. WHAT?!?!?!?

The peplum top is the trend with whom I am directing my rage at today!

At first I totally got this trend, on certain body types it is very flattering. It is a cool famine detail you can add to any outfit. You can wear it with almost any bottom which just added to it's versatility. So like I said at first I got this trend....

BUT! there are some major flaws to this trend that make it hard to pull off.

First... finding the perfect fit right off the rack is almost impossible. You need to have it tailored or you are not wearing this top right! The flattering parts of this top is the tailored top part to your waist and then the flair out emphasizing the slimness of your waist. If it is too lose or doesn't hit you on your waist  it won't give you the slim look. A belt works for this with no tailor's fee ;)

This top isn't fitted properly so it looses it's peplumness (made up a word whoop!) IT makes her look like a rectangle here instead of flattering her skinny waist.

Second... If you are pear shaped, sporty, busty with slender hips or have a natural waist line higher or lower than average this look will not work for you. Even though it is one of those trends that claims to look good on anyone (remember skinny jeans claimed the samething ya right!) I call BULLSHIT!

sporty figure, instead of accenting curves it just makes her look more square.

Third... When has having two sets of wide hips been attractive? Yes if done right you have a skinny waist but then it looks like your hips come right out of your waist. BUT wait... You already have hips and most peplum tops come to right above your hips bringing attention to them. WHY? WHY?! do you want to have two widest parts of your body?

Do you see the two hips? Or am I just crazy? She looks so much wider then she is!

So in conclusion I think we need to band together and kick this trend to the curb! Also if you couldn't pull it off don't feel bad neither could I and technically Im the "body type" that this trend was made for o.O explain that one to me please!! Though I didn't really wanna pull this look off I never really liked it.... So maybe my personal opinion is driving this a teeny tiny little bit.

If you AGREE band with me and share this post! Spread the word and maybe someone important will listen!! (haha not likely but it will eventually go away right?)

Lots of love

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