Thursday, 23 May 2013

ThrowBack Thursday: Make-Up Edition

I have been seeing a lot of "throwback thursday" post and thought it would be fun to do a make-up version! So I went back into my archives and picked a make-up look from when I first started blogging.

The make-up look I decided to do for my first ever throwback thursday is this one "Simple pale pink lips and Fab black liner" This is one of my first practise make-up looks with liquid/gel liner. It turned out pretty good and I was really proud!

I thought this was a good choice because it would be a good example of how my practise with make-up has improved my skill. I wanted to display my growth! It also is really pretty and I love pretty girly make-up looks in the spring!

Unfortunately I couldn't use the same palette for my new version of this look, because my daughter destroyed it....

So I decided to use a palette with similar burgundy shades and shimmer.

After so much time watching videos, and doing make-up my blending skills are much better! I made this look softer and paler but kept the pink shimmery undertone throughout. This look is also more of a wear everyday kind of look so instead of using white in the water line I went for a skin colour instead. This softened the look up even more!  Nude is such a classic way to do you lips so I opted for nude over pale pink this time just because I felt like it really. Mind you the nude lip did let me go a little brighter with the blush which ads a pretty balance to the face.

I again am proud of this look. It has a soft famine touch and really highlights all my brown features.

If you have brown eyes, brown eyes or both I totally recommend soft pinks/burgundies it is a great way to showcase you god-give features!

Down Below there are a couple close up shots. I hope you liked this idea for a blogpost! I really enjoyed doing this and think I might do it again!

Lots of Love

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