Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Home-Made Hair Mask

I love when I can make something to use in my beauty routine! It is a lot purer and better for your hair than anything you buy. Add into that the cheaper price tag and I am all for making my own beauty treatments.

I tried out velcro rollers and man did they do a number on my fine brittle hair. I don't have strong hair to begin with, but my ends have been repeatedly colour treated so they are really fried. The rollers totally destroyed my ends so I went to my kitchen and started to whip together my favourite hair mask!

Look at all that frizz!! YIKES!! (also please excuse the outfit it was a spray park day with the kids haha)
I also did a quick oil treatment to just my tips for good measure.

First step to an oil treatment is pick an oil (I went with extra virgin olive oil) and heat it up!

Dip in the ends of your hair, but be careful it is HOT! I wrap my ends in a towel quickly when I am done to keep the hot oil off of my skin. 
Now on to the mask....


  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tbls of cocunut oil
  • 1 tbls of honey
  • 1 tbls of coffee grounds
*I also added in the unused oil from my oil treatment but you don't have to do that. The above ingredients are just fine.

When I mix mine all together I don't worry too much about chunks because when I put it all over my hair I use my hands and I do a final mix with my fingers then. I really don't do anything scientific when applying I start at my tips and work up to the roots of my hair. Once you hair is well covered wrap it in a towel to keep the drippings at bay and then throw a shower cap on for added protection! 

I went all out and did a face mask too haha oohhh man am I BEAUTIFUL here hehe!!!

After a half an hour (or longer it really doesn't matter) I hopped into the shower and washed my hair like normal. I let it air dry because I was feeling bad for it. I love this treatment and I do it only once a month because it takes up alot of time and effort! It is best if you can do it once a week, but try to do it as often as you can like I do.

the results are soooooo worth it!!!

I hope you liked this blogpost! Let me know if you have any favourite recipes for beauty treatments at home!! I wanna try some more asap! :D

lots of love

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