Friday, 10 May 2013

Clump Crusher Flaked Out

My love hate relationship with mascara is no secret if you have read any of my other blog posts. I am always searching for the next miracle accessorized with a mascara wand. Cover Girl has NOT wowed me lately in any of the many make up categories. Which is sad because it used to be a go to for me. So when one of my favourite artists became a cover girl (p!nk) I had to give them another chance.

Cover Girl Waterproof Clump Crusher Mascara

Clump Crusher Mascara Wand

Curled Lashes with 1 coat of Mascara

Unfortunately clump crusher crushed my enthusiasm. It went on nice. I liked the wand, and it held my curl beautifully. (Waterproof of course) It was true to its name there were no clumps....flakes though, well as the day wore on they made their first appearance. Come lunch time I felt like my under eyes were wearing more mascara than my eyelashes!! It flaked so badly I had to go take it off because it was driving me crazy!!
10min of wear and 1 gentle rub with finger. Already Flaking!!

Taking away one problem (clumps) and replacing it with a new one (flakes) is not a solution Cover Girl!

I do not recommend this product. There are better non-clumping mascaras out there that don't flake out as the day goes by!

Hope this was helpful

Lots of love

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