Friday, 28 September 2012

Not your little girl's PINK

I love revisiting my love for pink every once in a while. I remember the days where everything needed to be pink. Every accessory, every shoe, every lipstick, and every eyeshadow. It also needed to be covered in glitter ;) but that is a whole other obsession!

Usually pink's impact is dependant on it's hue. A light baby pink is for baby girls, a hot bright pink is for the punk in us all, and a soft brownish rose pink is for the sophisticated lady. I wanted to break that mold. Hot neon pink is a huge colour right now and I wanted to have a make-up look I could go to if I was having a pink kind of day. This is the result of that desire!

It is bold, bright and just the right amount of punch to catch your attention. I think this look would look great on darker skin tones, brown eyes, or green eyes. I think this look accomplished my goal quite nicely. What do you guys think? wearable mature neon pink or does it still need some tweaking?

Leave me a comment with your thoughts!
Lots of Love

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