Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Drugstore Make-Up

Today's make-up look was all about my drugstore collection! I wanted something simple and sleek, that would travel well. By travel well I mean have as few items as possible. I have an upcoming road trip and need to start deciding what make-up needs to come with me!! Harder to do then I originally thought.

I only used one trio to get the desired look. I figured the fewer eyeshadow palettes I use the better. I just stuck with the suggested application for this trio. You know what I mean if it has crease pressed into the powder I did what it told me too. Applying some K.I.S.S. to this look. Here are the main items of this look ( I didn't include everything in this list because the other items I used are my few staple higher end products)

  • Wet n wild walkin on eggshells
  • Maybelline mega plush volume express mascara
  • Garnier skin renew bb cream light/medium
  • Covergirl blastlipstick duo in whisper
  • Maybelline bouncy blush in peach satin
  • *not in picture* Maybelline Drama eyeliner in brown

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great day.

Lots of love

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