Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Orange Creamsicle Eyeshadow

Today's make-up look is a bold colour pop! You can do this with any colour you heart desires. Keeping everything else about the make-up low key splash a bold colour all over your lid keeping your crease nice and clean. I added some brown under my eye to give a little more definition to my eyes because the colour I choose washed me out. Depending on skin tone and colour used this step is optional. 

 I really love this look, even if orange is a little bright for me I still think I will do this look again. Actually with my colouring a really bright green of any shade would be a great way to do this look as well. This is a little bolder than just a simple colour pop but not too over the top that you couldn't wear it for an everyday look.

The trend this spring is all about those neon colours. If doing it in accessories or colour blocking isn't your style try playing with the trend within your make-up!

Hope you enjoyed this make-up look!

Lots of Love

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