Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Purple is Golden on Brown Eyes

I wanted something bold, simple, and defining. Purple really should be my go to colour! Don't ask me why I don't wear it more, I could not tell you. This look is so amazing, and easy to tone down slightly for a more everyday look as well. If I used brown liner and mascara instead of black the whole look wouldn't be so crisp and seem more natural. Yes, even with the purple :D 

I had a small oopsie that might have turned into brilliance. I wanted to use my 24hr tattoo shadow in pomegranate punk within this look but it isn't the most blend-able product so it ended up turning into a base instead of a colour contributor. Which I loved! It was too late to make it the entire looks base but where I put it the purple has more staying power and a better pow! I will definitely be trying this look with my pomegranate punk as the eyeshadow base in the very near future! 

Lots of Love

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